The 'Top Model' Franchise Just Crowned Its First Transgender Winner


America’s Next Top Model
may be out of ideas for future cycles -- hence, why it’s coming to an end after 12 years -- but the Top Model franchises abroad are more relevant than ever.

“I think it's time. You want to leave while you're on top,” Tyra Banks told ET at Monday night’s Paley Center Tribute to African-American Achievements in TV, calling the end of ANTM “bittersweet.” “What are we going to do? We've done girls, guys, guys and girls, we can't do children...I think we've done enough.”

“However, Top Model is in 180 countries,” the host and executive producer was quick to add. “We have Norway's Next Top Model, and Asia's Next Top Model, and Australia's Next Top Model, and Italy's Next Top Model. The list goes on and on and on, so it's still an international juggernaut.”

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Meanwhile, one of those international editions, Holland’s Next Top Model, just broke new ground when they crowned the franchise’s first transgender winner, 20-year-old Loiza Lameras.


Lameras joined the 10th cycle of the Dutch installment and didn’t come out as trans until halfway through the competition.


Now, “I’m really at a point where I can say I am very proud to be transgender," the model explained to Dutch newspaper, De Telegraff. “For me [being on Top Model] is a reward for my transition.”

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Lameras isn’t the first trans contestant to compete on the show, as America’s Next Top Model’s 11th cycle featured model Isis King, who placed 10th, then returned for the All Stars Cycle.

King went on to become the first transgender model to work with American Apparel and still has fond memories of her time on the show, saying it was an honor.

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