Sandra Bullock Reveals the 'Inappropriate' Halloween Costume Her Son Said She Should Wear

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If you see an adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle roaming the streets looking for candy this Halloween, it might be Sandra Bullock's 5-year-old son, Louis. 

The 51-year-old actress sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday's The Tonight Show, and shared what she has planned this Halloween.

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She revealed that Louis was planning to go trick-or-treating as one of the beloved martial arts-loving, pizza-eating turtles.

"We usually match, but this year he sort of deviated off the matching," Bullock said, disclosing that the costume her son had originally chosen for her was, as she called it, "Slutty Batgirl."

"It was like the most inappropriate thing," she recalled. "You know how there's regular Batgirl, and then there's the ones for those moms that like to really turn it out? Like, with a little leather skirt, and the boots that go over the knee, and a bustier? I'm not going to be wearing that."

Apparently, the two had been looking through a costume catalog when that outfit popped up. Louis thought it would be perfect.

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"He went, 'Momma, you hasta wear this!'" Bullock said. "And I went, 'No, mamma doesn't hast to. I'm not wearing that around your friends.'"

So what will the Our Brand Is Crisis star dress up as for Halloween?

"Either like a pirate wench, covered head to toe, or just the basic mime," Bullock confessed, laughing.

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Whether she went as "Slutty Batgirl," a pirate or a mime, we have a feeling the Oscar winner could pull it off.

This Halloween season has been jam packed with incredibly elaborate celebrity costumes that have raised the bar when it comes to dressing up for the spooky holiday. Check out the video below for a look at some stars who really went all out for Halloween.

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