Jaden Smith Says Being Born Is the Most Influential Thing He's Done

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When Jaden Smith talks, we listen -- just to see if he will continue to surprise us with what he has to say.

The 17-year-old actor has made headlines for his abstract way of thinking about the world and now, as he as one of Time’s Most Influential Teens, he is reflecting on his accomplishments.

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“Being born was the most influential thing that’s ever happened to me, for myself,” Smith reveals to Time. “As far as people, what they think is influential -- like I said, the thing that you can make the most fun of and laugh at the most is whatever would be the most influential to the pop culture of the world.”

“When they don’t understand something, they’re afraid of it, and if they don’t understand it, they don’t accept it or like it,” he adds, citing Galileo -- who he’s likened himself to in the past. “There’s been so many things we don’t understand like Galileo saying the Earth is not the center of the universe, it’s actually the sun that we revolve around. Everybody thought that he was crazy! People didn’t understand the level of science that he was putting forth into society. You can’t blame these people that don’t understand.”

Smith goes on to explain that his main goal in life is to “heal the entire planet,” just like “a superhero would do.” He also reveals that in 10 years he plans to disappear from the spotlight and help the world from an undisclosed location.

“You will no longer know where I am, who I spend my time with, the clothes that I wear, if I have kids, if I don’t have kids, you will not know,” Smith says. “I will be out of the sight of all people. That’s why I choose to live my life the way that I live now, in society, because by the time I turn 30, I will be completely gone, and it will be a 100 percent mystery of where I am and what I’m doing.”

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“Products will be released from wherever I am,” the After Earth actor adds, “to actually help the world, to bring water into homes in Africa, create free energy that we don’t have to pay for so that we can start living in the world that is not full of commerce, death, war and the struggle and the fight for oil and the struggle and the fight for water and people taking all the power from everyone and keeping it all for themselves.”

“My job is going to be to balance out the whole planet so that everyone can be working together to make things better.”

Despite many criticisms that follow Smith’s interviews, it doesn’t bother him that people think he’s “crazy.” In fact, he considers it as an honor, which he explains in the video below: