Rihanna Reveals Gruesome NSFW Clips Showing What Happened to Accountant From 'BBHMB' Music Video

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Note to self: Never borrow money from Rihanna.

The pop singer already scared fans in her original “B***h Better Have My Money” music video, but now she's back with more gruesome details of exactly what happened to Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen, who double-crossed her.

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Rihanna, 27, launched her new 360 app, giving viewers the opportunity to watch her torture her accountant from the video by chopping off his body parts, while of course “BBHMM” plays softly in the background.

Bad girl Riri wouldn’t do any job, including hacking someone up, without looking completely stunning. The singer dressed in a see through latex dress as her two sidekicks helped her remove the man’s nose, hand and even poke his eye out in the bloody clips.

To see everything, fans must download the app on Google Play but check out some of the graphic clips below. WARNING: this is NSFW or for anyone with a sensitive stomach.

During the original music video, the wife of Rihanna’s accountant, played by Rachel Roberts, was kidnapped and tortured as the singer attempted to get her money.

"She has this crazy side," Roberts told ET of working with Rihanna, "but she’s also professional and hardworking and very hands on."

The model also admits that some of the scenes were uncomfortable to film, including the one where she was hung upside naked and swung back and forth.

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"Hanging upside down topless was definitely a first for me," Roberts shared. "It’s uncomfortable for anyone to be hung upside down, but it wasn't painful."

To see what else Robert’s had to say about working with the star, check out the video below.