Justin Bieber Calls Out Fans for Not Clapping on Beat During Acoustic Performance

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Justin Bieber took issue with his audience while giving an acoustic performance of his hit "What Do You Mean?" in Spain.

About two and a half minutes into the song, the 21-year-old singer stopped his performance to call out the crowd for not keeping the beat.

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"At least clap on the right notes," Bieber exclaimed. "C'mon guys. ...It's like this."

He then showed his fans how to clap, adding, "If you're going to clap, at least clap on beat."

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He then laughed nervously and continued the intimate performance.

After calling out the audience, Bieber made it up them by walking through the crowd and greeting fans as he continued to sing.

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This isn't the first time the "Baby" singer has become agitated with a live audience.

During a concert in Norway this past week, Bieber stormed off the stage midway through his performance. An eyewitness at the show told ET that the pop star "drank from a water bottle and gave the rest to the girls nearest the stage."

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"He went to dry up the water with a towel when fans tried to take the towel from Bieber," the eyewitness explained. "He became angry and walked off the stage," cutting short the concert after just one song and causing many fans to be disappointed, some to the point of tears.

Here's video from the concert:

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