Jennifer Lopez Says She Never Meant for 'Booty' Music Video to Be 'Raunchy': I've Always Been the Good Girl


Jennifer Lopez wonders if some people got the wrong idea about her 2014 music video "Booty," which shows her oiled up and writhing around with rapper Iggy Azalea.

In an interview with Marie Claire UK, J.Lo insists it was never her intention for the music video to be labeled "raunchy."

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"I wanted it to be beautiful and sexy, not sexy and raunchy," Lopez, 46, explained. "Sometimes when you're younger, you go for raunch, or shock value, but I don't need to do that."

In fact, the triple-threat star says she's always led a rather conservative life. "I did sexy things but I was always more the good girl who was falling in love," she said, "as opposed to the naughty girl who was running around."

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Whatever her intentions were for the "Booty" music video, she did something right. Just over a year since coming out, it has nearly 160 million views on Vevo.

While Lopez admits that she's always been the one to fall in love, the American Idol judge says she now values her friendships with women more than ever.

"I think I realized they were as important -- if not more important -- when I divorced Marc [Anthony]," the mother-of-two recalled. "I just realized that I had been through that a couple of times and there they still were. Like they say, men come and go, but my girlfriends are always there for me."

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Lopez has always been quick to defend her right to be sexy. When ET spoke with her in October 2014 about the controversy surrounding "Booty," she dismissed the accusations that the video went too far or was too sexual.

"I refuse to be put in a box in that way," Lopez said, explaining why she chose to do the video in the first place. "Why, because I'm over 40? So I can't be sexy? Or, is it because I'm a mom? Moms aren't allowed to be sexy. Uh, how did I get my kids in the first place?"

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