Angelina Jolie Reveals Her Kids Think She and Brad Pitt Are 'Dorky Mom and Dad'

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Parenthood has given Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt a whole new perspective.

On Thursday night, the 40-year-old director and actress was named Entertainment/Film Innovator of the Year at the Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards, but in a new interview with the publication, Angelina admits that her and Brad's life with their six children might surprise some people with how familiar it is.

"We wake up, we make breakfast," she says. "In our domestic life, we’re Mom and Dad. And often we’re dorky Mom and Dad, which the kids find ridiculous."

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Despite the fact that Angelina has weathered two surgeries -- a double mastectomy and an ovary removal as a preventative measure against cancer, which runs in her family -- the By the Sea director says it's important to remain strong for the children.

"I want to make sure my kids are never worried about me," Angelina admits. "Even if I’m going through something, I make sure they are very aware that I’m totally fine. I’ll stop and make a joke, I talk to them. I never, ever want them to have that secret worry and feel that they have to take care of me."

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"When Angie has a day off, the first thing she does is get up and take the kids out," Brad says. "She has an incredible knack for inventing crazy experiences for them, something new, something fresh. I may be the bigger goof of the pair, but she invents the stage."

Angelina also opens up in the interview about being asked to be a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. in 2001, saying she worried about the headaches her celebrity would cause the post.

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"It was during a time when there was a lot of gossip about me," she explains. "I told them I didn’t think they realized what they’d be bringing upon the agency, that a lot of people didn’t see me the same way they did, and I thought it would be a negative."

Meanwhile, Angelina and Brad, who have been together now for 10 years, and married last August, teamed up again for their new film, By the Sea, opening Nov. 13. Brad recently opened up about how much he loved taking direction from his wife.

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"It's surprising how much I enjoy the direction of my wife," he told V Magazine. "She's decisive, incredibly intuitive, and might I say sexy at her post. I trust her with my life."

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