Trevor Noah Makes Jimmy Fallon Joke Upon Returning to 'Daily Show' a Day After Emergency Surgery


Trevor Noah used his return The Daily Show on Thursday, after undergoing emergency appendectomy surgery, to make a dig at fellow late-night personality, Jimmy Fallon.

"Hey Jimmy. The hospital people said to tell you 'wrong finger, come back'?" Noah tweeted to The Tonight Show host. "Not sure what that means."

Just this year, Fallon has sustained two hand injuries that have sent him to the hospital.

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Noah's message was in response to Fallon tweeting: "Hey @Trevornoah, tell everyone at the hospital I said hey! Get better soon buddy!"

The Comedy Central host
underwent the emergency operation, but was back on the air a day later. "Thank you for your love and support," he wrote on Thursday. "The Daily Show is back on today but I can't stand up."

Noah also made light of how quickly he returned to his anchor's seat following the health scare. "I'm back from the world’s shortest vacation," he quipped. "Some of you may have heard, I was out yesterday with a touch of emergency appendectomy surgery."

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"Big thank you to everyone," Noah continued. "And of course, Comedy Central for giving me one day off. I’m joking!"

The jokes didn't stop there. "People were writing things like, 'Comedy Central -- one day off after surgery?! Is it because he's black?!'" Noah said. "The best message I got was, 'Is it Comedy Central, or the cotton fields?'"

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Even as the surgery was happening, The Daily Show made light of the situation. "We wish @TrevorNoah a speedy recovery from his time in an American hospital," the show's Twitter handle posted.

Noah is about 18 episodes into his stint as host of The Daily Showafter replacing Jon Stewart on September 28.

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