EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy Give Us A Sneak Peek at 'Victor Frankenstein'

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Get ready to see not just Daniel Radcliffe but Frankenstein (well, his monster) like you’ve never seen them before.

ET has an exclusive first behind-the-scenes look at Radcliffe and James McAvoy in their new movie, Victor Frankenstein, and the actors couldn’t be more excited about the script they got to bring to life.

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The Harry Potter alum plays Igor, a troubled, mistreated hunchback who worked at a circus. After being discovered by medical student Victor Von Frankenstein (McAvoy), Igor became the future doctor's assistant.

"He's had to develop certain skills to keep himself useful, and one of the things he's done is he's become a brilliant surgeon," Radcliffe explained of his character's origins. "And then one day, an accident at the circus brings him to the attention of Victor Frankenstein, and at that point he's taken under Victor's wing.”

"I just found it highly original, and also the relationship between Victor and Igor is such an exciting one," the 26-year-old England native added.

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As for McAvoy, the 36-year-old Scottish actor admitted that he just liked the idea of going off the deep end -- for the sake of his job, of course.

"I thought it was an opportunity to play a complete mental case in the best possible way," he said.

While this is a story about the monster we all mistakenly know as Frankenstein, the tale really isn't about him but, rather, how he came to be.

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"The story really is about the monster that is created in the relationship between Igor and Victor Frankenstein," McAvoy said.

Watch the video above to check out exclusive footage from the flick.

Victor Frankenstein
hits theaters Nov. 25.

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