J.J. Abrams on What Could Make 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' a 'F**king Disaster'

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J.J. Abrams knows that mixing the old Star Wars with the new has to be picture perfect.

The Force Awakens
director talked to Wired about the challenges the movie faces with trying to integrate the original cast with the new leads.

"If it doesn’t spark, it’s a f**king disaster," Abrams said bluntly. "Will it feel bizarre? Will it feel wrong?"

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However, as the director points out, "Somehow it didn't."

"When Anthony Daniels (who plays C-3PO) told me, 'Oh my God, I love BB-8!'I said, 'We’re going to be OK,'" Abrams continued. "Because if he’s OK, it’s working."

"It’s a little bit like having a party and having friends from your new school meet friends from your old school, and you think, 'What’s going to happen?'" he added.

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This week, the film debuted a new TV spot that has us even more excited for the Dec. 18 premiere!

When it comes to putting together this new chapter of Star Wars, Abrams said all that mattered was, ""The movie needed to be delightful," adding, "This has only ever been about what gets us excited."

And there's a lot to be excited about! Like what Abrams calls Harrison Ford and Daisy Ridley's "sweet" scenes together.

"It was really exciting to say, 'These scenes are working!'" said Abrams of the dynamic of the two actors, who are rumored to be father and daughter in the film.

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And super fans fear not, Abrams also revealed that the followup films are already under way.

"The script for [Episode] VIII is written," he said. "We weren’t just casting one movie—we were casting at least three."

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OK, one movie at a time!

Watch Abrams be an amazing human and help a terminally ill fan watch Star Wars early.