EXCLUSIVE! 'Supernatural': Sam and Dean Are Ready to Destroy the Darkness in This Intense Sneak Peek!

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You'd better watch your back, Amara -- the Winchester boys are coming for you!

In this week's high-stakes episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean have had it with the Darkness' soul-sucking destruction -- and only ETonline has your exclusive first look at them gearing up for battle.

"We don’t know the first thing about her, Dean," Sam warns to his brother in our sneak peek scene above. "We don’t know her powers. We don’t know how to take her down. Hell, you know what? We don’t even know if she can be killed."

"I know," Dean agrees. "But she's too big of a threat to wait. I say we go in there and we hit her with everything we've got."

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ETonline recently caught up with stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on Supernatural's Vancouver set, and the actors dished that their battle with Amara is far from over.

"There's obviously that connection [between Amara and Dean]," Ackles explained. "But what it all means, and how it's all going to tie into his destiny and his future, and what that means for the brothers, is something he's very nervous about."

Ackles continued, "He's hiding those nerves, but we will see it fleshed out a little bit." To which Padalecki added with a laugh, "Dean hiding his nerves? Whaaaaat?!"

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We know one thing for sure: the SPN stars are happy to have the Winchester bros fighting on the same side again.

Ackles said, "We've seen this throughout the course of the series: One brother becomes afflicted with some sort of whatever it is, the other brother does everything that he can and in his power -- and sometimes even not in his power -- to remedy the situation and sacrifice whatever he can for the other brother. That's been the kind of flip-flopping motivation for a lot of these seasons."

"One of the great things about season 11 is they're essentially not afflicted with anything," Ackles continued. "They're both intact -- granted they're scared and bruised from a life of hunting and fighting -- but they're not fighting for each other anymore, they're fighting a common target. They're fighting alongside each other and it's been a while since we've seen that."

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"We've kind of started back at where we were at almost season one with the two brothers in the car, driving down the highway, with a common goal and a common purpose so I'm really excited about that," he said.

So are we, Jensen. So are we.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.