EXCLUSIVE: 'Scream Queens' Star Jamie Lee Curtis Dishes on Her Badass Fight Scene!


Hell hath no fury like a college dean scorned!

Tuesday's episode of Scream Queens was jam-packed with shocking revelations, but the best part of the hysterically terrifying hour was watching Dean Munsch kick the crap out of three masked intruders.

"[Executive producer] Ryan [Murphy] talked about [this scene] at Comic-Con," Jamie Lee Curtis dishes in ETonline's exclusive recap video above. "I remember he said, 'Yeah, we're writing this scene where Dean Munsch fights off three assailants.'"

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"And I remember I was like, 'Wait. Whaaaat? Three?'" Curtis added with a laugh, "It was a really fun sequence."

And, thanks to a conversation we overheard from a bearded (and very much alive!) Boone (Nick Jonas), we know that Gigi was dressed as the judge, and Boone was one of the devils.

The only question is: Who is the other Kappa killer? Only four more episodes left to find out, pledges!

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