EXCLUSIVE! 'Once Upon a Time': Will Jamie Dornan and Sebastian Stan Magically Return in the 100th Episode?


We're going a little mad right now…

With Once Upon a Time's 100th episode fast approaching, the news of returning characters has been hitting us faster than a waves of curses in Storybrooke.

It's gearing up to be to ultimate fairytale reunion, but there are two beloved actors who have been missing from our magical drama for many years now: Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham, aka the Huntsman, and Sebastian Stan as Jefferson, more commonly known as Wonderland's Mad Hatter.

So we called up Once Upon a Time's executive producers Adam Hororwitz and Eddy Kitsis to get the answer to our most burning question: Will the Huntsman and the Hatter appear in the 100th episode as well?

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"You know, I would not hold your breathe for either of those characters," Kitsis answered bluntly. "Unfortunately, those two [actors] are very hard to pin down."

Now, before all you Oncers start to tear up, let's face the facts. As devastating as the news might be, it's much better to know the truth now rather than having our hopes up for the next few months... right?

Since last appearing in Storybrooke, both actors have gone on to achieve massive big screen success. Stan, most notably, has put his collection of portal-creating hats aside to join Marvel's cinematic universe as the Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes. Meanwhile Dornan has perfected his sexy smolder as Christian Grey in the box office-smashing franchise, Fifty Shades of Grey.

So we're applauding the Once Upon a Time showrunners for being straightforward with their viewers, instead of dangling a bunch of empty "You'll have to tune in to find out!" type of teases in our face.

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Despite the fact that the 100th episode will be Hatter and Huntsman-free, fans should still gear up for an enchanted trip down memory lane.

Last week, ETonline exclusively revealed that Emma Caulfield will return from her fiery grave as the Blind Witch from the Hansel and Gretel tale. Additionally, Giancarlo Esposito will shimmer back in as the Magic Mirror, Robbie Kay will take flight once again as Peter Pan, Barbara Hershey will magically reappear as Cora, as well as many more.

"There are some villains and there are some non-villains in there too," Hororwitz said of the jam-packed episode.

"When you see where were going, you'll understand why," Kitsis cryptically teased. "But I would say that for us it is the 100th episode, so we want to celebrate the show and bring back some familiar faces that we've met along the way."

Once Upon a Time
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