Rory Feek Shares Update on Joey's Cancer Battle: 'I Want My Wife to Be Remembered'

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Joey Feek, of the country-bluegrass duo Joey + Rory, entered hospice care earlier this month after ending treatment for terminal cancer, which she was first diagnosed with last year.

During her struggle, Joey's husband and musical partner Rory Feek has continuously provided updates on his wife's health and emotional, introspective posts on the couple's website.

On Thursday, Rory opened up about his wife's time in hospice care, revealing that, in spite of everything she's facing, the 40-year-old country singer has maintained her sense of humor and her love for the couple's daughter, Indiana, who turns 21 months old next week.

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"A walker with wheels and a seat was delivered here yesterday and when we pulled it out for her this morning, Joey just laughed and said, 'I can’t use that…it’s for old people,'" Rory shared. "Then she grabbed the handles and pushed herself out of the room."

"When she reached little Indiana playing with toys on the living room rug, she said, 'Come on Indy, mama will take you for a ride.' So I helped Indy onto the seat, and Joey pushed her across the living room, through the kitchen, around the island and table, and back to her toys. Indy grinned ear-to-ear and so did we."

Rory and Indiana have been by Joey's side since she entered hospice care, trying to make her comfortable and surrounded with love.

"We all want one more, don't we?" Rory wrote. "One more day… one more year… one more chance to be the person we know we should be… one more ride for our child around the house in her mama's walker."

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Later in the post, Rory shared a touching story about his friend and fellow musician Tim Johnson -- who co-wrote a number of songs with Rory -- and his battle with cancer that struck without warning.

"Neither he, nor I could make any sense of it. How could that be? He was still young and had two young children and a beautiful wife and more songs to write – more stories to tell," Rory wrote. "His next year or so were tough, like Joey’s. They did what they could, but in the end, it was what it was."

According to Rory, Tim kept writing musical all the way through his medical struggle, which came to end in October 2012, when he died from complications resulting from his cancer.

"Like my friend Tim… I want my wife to be remembered," Rory added. "By me. By others who love her even though they’ve never met her. I guess that’s why I write this blog. I want her sweet voice and her love to live on. And not just outlive her… but to somehow outlive me, and our girls, and even their children."

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Rory concluded the moving post with the hope that Joey's story, and her courage, will bring happiness to others who face similar struggles in the future.

"Someday, when your moment comes with someone you love, maybe, just maybe, you will remember Joey and her words and voice and life will comfort you and her song will live on," Rory wrote.

Recently, country singer Blake Shelton, whose hit song "Some Beach" was written by Rory, shared his thoughts on the Feeks' struggle, telling ET, "The courage that they as a family have displayed -- it's inspirational." Check out the video below to hear more from Shelton on the Feek family's emotional story.