EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Talk 'Kickass' Adventures and What's Ahead for Your Favorite Pairings!


Stop whatever you're doing because we've got a jam-packed article of exclusive Once Upon a Time scoop!

ETonline called up the drama's dynamic duo, executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, to get all the details on what's coming up next in the last four episodes of 2015 -- including this Sunday's epic two-hour, back-to-back adventure.

"A lot of the questions that everyone has been asking themselves and a lot of these mysteries that we have posed at the beginning of the season will be answered on Sunday night," Kitsis teased. "You will find out the answer to why Emma is doing what she's doing, and you'll find out more about the curse."

"These two episodes are, hopefully, turning the screws and amping up the story," Horowitz added. "Giving you some answers and starting up on our little end-run towards the mid-season finale."

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To make matters even more exciting, Sunday's double feature will also include the return of two of the series' most beloved MIA beauties: Ruby (Meghan Ory) and Mulan (Jamie Chung).

"We're going to pick up and you're going to find out where Ruby has been for the last year," Kitsis confirmed. "We're going to get a little bit more in [Mulan and Ruby's] state of mind, and they are going to be very helpful towards Merida, who is going to find her kingdom in trouble."

Sounds like a fairy tale version of Charlie's Angels -- and we're totally loving it. "Yes!" Kitsis laughed. "It's very much kickass team of avengers, absolutely."

Now let's move on to what's ahead for all your favorite pairings as we creep closer to the magic-filled mid-season finale…

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Rumbelle: It seems like every time Rumple and Belle break through their latest relationship test, yet another hurdle is dropped into their path to happiness. As we saw in last week's episode, Rumple is now officially considered a hero, but unfortunately, that doesn't mean that he's automatically going to get the girl.

"I think there is going to be a lot of Rumbelle drama ahead of us," Kitsis warned. "We obviously know that Rumple is trying very hard to change his ways to win her back, and I guess we're going to have to find out whether it's too late.


Captain Swan: We’re pleased to say that we pretty much broke the Internet last week when we debuted the Holy Grail of Hook and Emma sneak peeks. So what's next for this duo now that Hook (kind of) put a ring on it?

"I would say that definitely the next three episodes will have some Captain Swan drama," Kitsis said. But don't start freaking out just yet! When we asked what kind of drama would be headed our way for this relationship, the EP was playful with his answer. "Well, I think like all drama, they will run the gambit. I will say, if you like Captain Swan, I would keep watching," he said.

Even though we'll be getting more answers and revelations about Emma's darkness in these next four episodes, don’t expect to see the entire Dark Swan storyline completely wrapped up by the mid-season finale.

"Some elements of the story are wrapped up, but the reverberations of [the Dark Swan storyline] are felt throughout the rest of the season," Horowitz said. "So it's not like it's a completely self-contained half of the season where everything that happened is closed off and we're starting completely new. They're more directly connected in terms of what happens in the second half of the season than we've done in the past."

ETonline broke the news in October that we'll be learning more about Killian's past later in the season, and we're pleased to say that's still the plan. "It's less about dealing with the Dark One as his girlfriend, and more that Hook's own past becomes more important and informs what's going to happen going forward in relation to Emma and what she's going through," Horowitz revealed.

As for that life-saving ring that Hook gave Emma? That topic will definitely be coming our way, once again. We can't tell you who that ring once belonged to, but we will say that we've met its previous owner before.

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Snowing: Since their daughter is still the Dark One, Snow and Charming will continue to endure additional stress in their relationship. "Well, the Charmings have a very rebellious daughter right now and most of the year for them is trying to help their daughter find the lightness," Kitsis said of the iconic couple.

"There are certainly some familial challenges ahead for the Charmings, which they deal with together," Horowitz added.

Despite the fact that our picture perfect couple has had some refreshingly realistic fights this season, that doesn't change the fact that Charming and Snow are meant for each other. "They are true love," Kitsis confirmed.

"So for us, we’ve always wanted to take them from icon to a real couple," Kitsis said. "You know, the very first thing after the pilot, we saw them fight as a couple and so, for us, we always like to portray them as a real relationship."

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Swan Queen: Regina and Emma's dynamic have certainly strengthened this season, especially in the Camelot flashbacks, so what's next for these two magic-wielding ladies?

"I think that the Emma-Regina friendship/relationship continues to grow and deepen as they go through more and more together," Horowitz spilled. "We’re going to certainly see some charged scenes between the two of them as we head towards the mid-season finale."


Outlaw Queen: Listen up, Hoodies! Your favorite fairy tale outlaw is going to start getting a lot more screen time. "Robin Hood is going to play a continuing part in this story, and in a more pronounced way, as the season progresses," Horowitz promised.

Thanks to the fact that Regina's sister is currently the baby mama of Robin's unborn child -- totally normal, right? -- the dynamic between these three adults is understandably linked. However, Kitsis was quick to stress that Robin's heart will remain tethered to Regina, not Zelena, in this "messy, complicated relationship."

"You're going to see them work together as a couple," Kitsis explained. "You know, we've never portrayed Zelena as any sort of romantic threat and that will continue, but we'll also continue having to see them deal with Zelena, who is quite clearly out of her mind."

We don’t know about you, but we've been having some serious Regina and Robin withdrawals lately, so we followed up with a heavy hitter question: Do you feel like Robin and Regina have the possibility to be one of the great true loves of the series? "I hope so," Kitsis said.

"When we saw Regina with Daniel, he told her to love again, and she is," Kitsis continued. "So I would like to think that all of our relationships are pretty meaningful."

"I think all the relationships on the show, at their core, have an element of hope and can be a true love and have great things happen to them," Horowitz added. "Of course, sometimes in life, it doesn't always work out but sometimes it does, so there's always that hope that it will."

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Catch two back-to-back episodes of Once Upon a Time this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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