Blake Shelton Stays Modest About Heroic Weekend Rescue: I Didn't Save Their Lives

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If you ever find yourself stuck in a jam, just hope that Blake Shelton comes along to help you out.

The 39-year-old country singer displayed some good, old-fashioned heroics on Friday when he helped rescue a group of four strangers who found themselves stuck in some deep mud near the Washita River in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

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When asked about his heroic efforts, Shelton doesn’t seem to be the bragging sort. The Voice coach spoke with ET on Monday where he downplayed his role in the rescue.

"I didn't save their [lives]," Shelton said modestly. "I pulled them out of the mud in order to save their lives from their parents."

"I knew what was going to happen to 'em," Shelton added. "It was like, 'We've got to get you kids outta here because you're going to be grounded!'"

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The young men -- Bryar Blanton, Lenyell Blanton, Josh Turner and Adrian Poplin -- snapped a photo with Shelton in front of the vehicle he helped pull from the mud, which Bryar later posted on Twitter.

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"They're probably grounded anyway," Shelton said, laughing, "because they're talking about it on Twitter and probably got themselves in trouble."

On Sunday, Bryar spoke with ET about the encounter and Shelton, who he says is "an all-around nice, caring guy." Check out the video to see more on Shelton's good deed.

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