Tom Brady Doesn't Want to Be Seen Out With His 'Gaudy' Super Bowl Rings

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Tom Brady covers GQ's 20th annual Men of the Year issue and only ET is behind the scenes in Brady's home.

Looking dapper in a tailored jacket and turtleneck as his dog Lua looked on during his home photo shoot for the magazine cover, the star quarterback looks just as fit off the field as he does in his uniform.

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While he says that he's only in the gym "two or three days a week," the real secret to his health might be in his diet.

"I try to eat healthy," the 38-year-old football star said. "Most of the time I still like those comfort foods especially when it gets to be like 20 degrees and cold out in the wintertime. I think some of those wholesome foods that I grew up with, like pizza, I'd never pass that up."

Brady says his favorite breakfast is a smoothie he fills with blueberries, bananas, seeds, nuts and "anything that brings inflammation in the body down."

While Brady has four Super Bowl rings, the only jewelry adorning his fingers during GQ's shoot was his wedding band. Brady explained that his other hard-earned jewelry usually stays stashed away.

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"Unless people want to see them. I'll bring them out for them," Brady said. "But they're so big. They're kind of actually gaudy and they attract a lot of attention if you're wearing them around, because they're just enormous. So for the most part, they just stay in a safe all day."

Brady's GQ cover hits newsstands Nov. 24.