Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Reveal What Earned Them the Most Points With Their Kids!

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In the upcoming comedy Daddy's Home, Will Ferrell stars as a good-natured step-father who must compete for the affection of his step-kids when their freeloading deadbeat dad, played by Mark Wahlberg, comes around.

ET sat down with the two stars at a press junket for the film, where they opened up about fatherhood -- and it turns out they're both pretty cool dads.

When asked about the most elaborate gift he's ever given his children, Wahlberg, 44, revealed that he took his 12-year-old daughter Ella to a Taylor Swift concert, and then got to meet Taylor backstage and even take a picture together.

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But that’s not the only star his kids were excited to meet!

"My daughters are into wrestling. They really love the WWE," Wahlberg, who shares two daughters and two sons with wife Rhea Dunham, shared. "So The Big Show is a friend of mine and we went and saw him wrestle, and then he came to my house and he wrestled a little bit with my kids."

Not to be one-upped, Ferrell, 48, revealed that he took his kids to the Super Bowl a few years ago.

"We got to go on the field and we sat in the same suite as Sir Paul McCartney," recounted Ferrell, who has three sons with wife Viveca Paulin. "But they couldn't care less. They didn't know who Paul McCartney was."

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When they aren't showering their kids with gifts, they're showering them with love and support.

Wahlberg opened up about his enthusiasm for watching his kids play football, telling ET, "I get so excited. I get as worked up watching my sons play football as I do the Patriots play."

At the end of the day, Wahlberg says he just wants his kids to "be good people."

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"The toughest thing is giving the kids what I never had but also making sure that they're appreciative and they work hard," Wahlberg shared, adding that he thinks it's important not to let his kids "become spoiled or entitled."

Check out Ferrell and Wahlberg's on-screen parenting styles when Daddy's Home hits theaters Christmas Day.

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