Nick Jonas Reveals His Steamy Relaxation Secrets and Talks Working With Demi Lovato: 'She's Always Right'

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Nick Jonas isn't going to let a live American Music Awards performance stress him out!

"I feel so happy to be here right now," the "Levels" singer dished to ET on the red carpet before taking the AMAs stage. "I actually feel surprisingly at ease. which Usually in these situations I'm really nervous, and kind of like breathing heavily but I feel very calm."

So what's the secret to Jonas' calm demeanor? "I got in the steam room before this. Sweat it out a little bit. Let it go. It felt good," the Kingdom star confessed. "This is the key now to my whole thing."

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Jonas showed up to the AMAs looking all kind of dapper in a grey suit and cream turtleneck. When asked about his fashion choices, the 23-year-old singer said he followed only one very important piece of advice: "You have wear the turtleneck. You can't let the turtleneck wear you."

Jonas' "Future Now" touring partner, Demi Lovato, also performed at the AMAs with her hit single, "Confident."

"Demi's incredibly passionate," Jonas said of his music BFF. "When she gets stuck on an idea and she's passionate about it, you have to go with her lead because she's always right."

Hmmm… sounds like Demi can be a bit stubborn, eh Nick? "Almost stubborn!" Nick stressed with a smile. "Almost. If I say that I'll get in trouble."