'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale: The Good, the Bad and Who Should've Died Instead of [Spoiler!]


WARNING: We're about to go over the biggest moments from Sunday's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. If you do not wish to be spoiled, put on a zombie gut-soaked t-shirt and leave now. For everyone else, tip-toe through the tulips with us…

It finally happened.

After spending the past seven episodes doing everything humanly possible to keep the walkers away from Alexandria, Rick's efforts were completely thwarted when thousands of walkers stumbled right into their community in Sunday's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.

Here's how it all went down: As the undead army quickly approached, Rick, Carl, Judith, Michonne, Deanna, and Seth were all trapped in Jessie's house with her two boys. The team was desperate for an escape route and Rick eventually decided on the classic cover-themselves-with-zombie-guts-to-sneak-past-them trick.

Maggie managed to escape the clutches of a particularly savage group of walkers by climbing up a watch tower, whilst Glenn wistfully watched his wife (and carrier of his unborn baby!) from beyond the west wall. Finally, Carol and Morgan's differing post-apocalyptic philosophies finally came to a head in a vicious grudge match over the fate of the Wolf Morgan was hiding in Alexandria.

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The Good:

Deanna's Badass Death: In the initial walker-crashing chaos, Deanna, unbeknownst to her, was bitten. When Michonne later discovered the life-ending injury, Deanna uttered the second-best line of the night: "Well, sh*t," she said bluntly. Although we were upset to see former leader go, she ended her life in a blaze of bullets and glory, thus solidifying her evolution from scared Alexandrian to full-fledged badass. Give 'em hell, Deanna.

Carl's Confrontation: At one point in the episode, Jessie's older son, Ron, was having a bit of a mental breakdown in the garage. When Carl went to go check on his friend, Ron pulled a gun on him and started ranting about how everything wrong that has happened in his life was because of Rick. Carl later snatched the gun away from Ron and dropped this piece of wisdom on the weak-minded Alexandrian: "I get it, man. My dad killed your dad. But you need to know something: Your dad was an a**hole."

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The Bad:

The Plot: If we're being completely honest, Sunday's mid-season finale was not one of the AMC series' best episodes. True, it was saturated with the drama's signature nail-biting suspense, but it felt like an hour of walker-attacking déjà vu. We can't be too upset though, this season gave us one of the most shocking almost-deaths with Glenn, so we'll forgive them for this mediocre mid-season finale.

Morgan's Delusional Behavior: Okay, Morgan, we get it. Thanks to your goat-filled flashback episode earlier this season, we finally discovered how you evolved from crazed killer to peaceful stick-wielding guru -- but enough is enough! Keeping a deadly killer like a pet Wolf in your basement is not only insane, it's delusional, and when we add the fact that he knocked out our beloved Carol in order to protect the psychopath, we almost lost it. You'd better get your act together in the second half of season six, man.

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Who Should've Died:

Sam Anderson: Sorry, not sorry, for picking on your kids, Jessie -- but they're kind of the worst. In addition to Ron's douche-tastic behavior, we also were forced to endure too much whiny Sam. Not only did Sam choose to play the same damn song over and over again during their zombie home invasion, he stupidly called out "Mom!" three freakin' times when the group was in the middle of a sea of zombies. Even Seinfeld star Jason Alexander agreed when he was a guest on Sunday's Talking Dead. "I love children I really do," the actor exclaimed. "But his kid needs to die, or else I'll kill him myself."

Season six of The Walking Dead returns in February 2016 on AMC.

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