Emojis Get Very, Very Sexy and NSFW In New World AIDS Day Campaign

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It's not currently possible to transmit STD's while sexting, but MTV wants to help your emoji's wrap it up anyway.

In support of World AIDS Day, the TV network is airing a sultry new spot featuring some of your most scandalous emojis getting it on, we're talking the eggplant and the peach, the donut and the banana. Only now, there's a brand new emoji in the mix -- the condom.

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"Make foreplay a threesome," the video suggests. "Add a condom."

You can watch the video above to see emojis get down. It's not NSFW unless you appreciate your emoji innocence, which will certainly be shattered.

First, the "Face With Tears of Joy" emoji became the Oxford dictionary word of the year, and now this!

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If you want your very own condom emoji, you can download it at MTV's Staying Alive Foundation website here.

Meanwhile, it's not just HIV/AIDS awareness that emojis are good for. Watch them be used in the name of diplomacy (to explain the Nicki Minaj - Miley Cyrus feud) below.