Top Baby Names of 2015 Reveal Parents Are Apparently Naming Their Babies After Instagram Filters


Welcome to the decline of humanity. Uhh, we mean 2015.

While 2014 saw parents name their kids after characters from Frozen, Game of Thrones, and The Hunger Games -- good luck explaining why you’re named Katniss when you’re 40, little one! -- this year, popular names were inspired by...Instagram, according to BabyCenter, a pregnancy and parenting digital resource.

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Prepare yourself now, because someday you might meet:

Which is technically not a filter, but a tool that allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast of your Gram. Name popularity up 75 percent since 2014.

A great filter choice for #foodstagrams, because it makes the colors pop in all the right places. Up 42 percent.

Lots of saturation, but not in that tacky Lo-Fi way. Up 30 percent.

A safe choice that never makes anyone look bad. Up 26 percent.

The filter that makes your pictures kind of purple around the edges but light in the middle. Up 26 percent.

The worst of the black and white filter options. Up 13 percent.

The filter that just washes your pictures in beige. Up 10 percent.

That one that makes your pictures look kind of blue -- but it’s not really a blue color tint, it just looks sad and lonely and cold. Up 4 percent.

You know Kelvin. Up 3 percent.

“Photo-sharing is a daily and emotional part of Millennials’ lives, and those two ingredients can trigger love for a name,” Editor in Chief Linda Murray explained. But people are naming their child after KELVIN, of all filters?!

For shame.

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Other popular baby names this year were inspired by royals. No, not Prince William and Kate Middleton, or even Prince George or Princess Charlotte. Just royalty in general: Like, Royalty (up 90 percent), Duchess (up 75 percent), and Princess (up 22 percent). And Empire, the TV show, may have upped the popularity of Dre, Hakeem, and Lucious -- what? No babies named Cookie?!

BabyCenter also compiled the Top 100 Baby Names of 2015. “Sophia” topped the girls list for the sixth year, and “Jackson” once again is the most used boys name. Here are the top five:


1. Sophia
2. Emma
3. Olivia
4. Ava
5. Mia

1. Jackson
2. Aiden
3. Liam
4. Lucas
5. Noah

In other baby news, Kate Middleton shared new pictures of Princess Charlotte:

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