'Arrow' Star Colton Haynes Opens Up About Life-Long Battle With 'Intense Anxiety': 'It's Been a Constant Strug

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The 27-year-old star shared a poignant essay on Tuesday.

Colton Haynes has a message of love and solidarity for the millions of Americans suffering and struggling with anxiety disorders.

The Arrow star got serious on Tuesday when he took to Twitter to share a personal story about his own struggle with crippling anxiety.

The candid Twitter essay began when the 27-year-old actor tweeted a link to an article on Upvoted.com titled "Scientists Show How Anxiety May Affect Social Status."

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The article detailed a study by the Brain Mind Institute, at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, which showed that "chronic anxiety might lead to lower social status -- and even trap sufferers there indefinitely."

After sharing the link, Haynes tweeted, "For those of you who are suffering with intense anxiety...ur not alone."

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults in America -- which is around 18 percent of the population -- suffer from anxiety disorders.

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"It's been a constant struggle for me since fifth grade," Haynes continued. "It's a battle"

"Anxiety had put me in the hospital a countless amount of times. Whether it be fainting, hyperventilating, or seizures...I've been through it," the actor continued in a series of tweets. " Just know ur not alone and it affects more ppl than you would ever know. We can overcome this. We can fight thru it and will."

Outside of the medical effects Haynes has suffered due to his anxiety issues, the actor also revealed that his career and his personal life have been hurt as well.

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"I've quit jobs because of anxiety, flaked on social events, family gatherings, birthdays, important movie/work tests," he shared. "Its a serious problem."

Haynes concluded with a plea for support and understanding from those who are fortunate enough to not have to deal with the same sort of problems.

"Be there for those who struggle with anxiety & realize its a serious disorder. Its not a case of 'being dramatic.' It's a life long struggle," Haynes wrote. "Love those suffering. Anxiety has caused me to be extremely agoraphobic & livin in constant fear of leavin my house at times. Ur not alone."

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