Keith Urban Reveals His Father Is Now in Hospice Care, Has 'Only Got a Few Weeks'

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Keith Urban is still reeling from the heartbreaking news that his father, Robert Urban, has been recently placed in hospice care.

The 48-year-old Australia native revealed the sad news to The Tennessean, and called his new exhibit at Country Music Hall of Fame titled "Keith Urban So Far …," "bittersweet," given his father's ailing health.

"He's probably only got a few weeks, if that," Urban said. "I've just been dealing with that the last couple of days. This has all come at a very strange time where it's typical of a career that has extreme highs and extreme lows all often at the exact same time. So [the exhibit] is bittersweet a little bit because [my dad] is the catalyst for all of this. My dad is the catalyst for me living in America."

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Urban credits a large part of his career to his father, who used to sew his stage outfits for him when he was still trying to make it in the music business.

"My dad particularly always thought it was important that I dressed like a performer," he explained. "A lot of these country music talent quests I did in Australia, they often had categories for best dressed male or best dressed female and I often won. Sometimes it was the only thing I won."

The country star also thanked his father for inspiring him as an artist, and shared a memorable moment from his childhood. Urban said his father loved country singer Don Williams, and recalled going to a record store in Australia with him to buy one of Williams' albums.

"I said, 'How do you know it's going to be good?'" Urban recalled. "He said, 'It's Don Williams.' It hit me in such a way that I thought, 'I want to make those kinds of records, that people know are going to be solid and they go out and get it.' I want to thank Dad for starting me on this journey."

Urban gushed about his dad on Instagram earlier this year, writing, "Being a Dad gives me a WHOLE new love and appreciation for my Dad -- and everything he's done for me. -- KU #withdad."

Last September, Urban was a constant support for his wife, Nicole Kidman, after her own father died unexpectedly. Dr. Anthony Kidman, a clinical psychologist at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, died in Singapore after a tragic accident in which he fell while visiting Nicole's sister, Antonia.

"He has been so good to me for nine years, but for the last month, which has been a really tough time for me … he's been amazing," Kidman told Ellen DeGeneres last October about her husband. "To have my husband just step up that way … it makes me cry. We all go through hard times in our lives, but to be literally carried by your partner, and physically, at times, because I was so devastated. I'll do anything for that man."

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ET caught up with the American Idol judge in July, when he dished on how he and Kidman have been able to make their nine-year marriage work, particularly after the summer of splits.

"It's our priority, you know?" Keith told ET at auditions for the coming season of American Idol. "It's what we love to do more than anything in the world."

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