Rosie O'Donnell Writes Cryptic Poem, Hints at Relationship With Estranged Daughter Chelsea?

Plus, Chelsea O'Donnell seems to have moved on with a new man. See the pics.

Rosie O'Donnell is putting her intense emotions into words.

The 53-year-old comedian posted a cryptic poem on her website on Thursday, obviously while in an introspective mood. The former View co-host references the San Bernardino mass shooting, listening to Adele, and seemingly hints at her complicated relationship with her estranged 18-year-old daughter, Chelsea O'Donnell.

"Waiting in the rain/Adele blares/I will be ur remedy/Another mass shooting," O'Donnell writes. "When the pain cuts u deep/My son in a blue lives matter t/As I merge into the black body/between the world and me."

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Rosie goes on to write about adoption and expresses concern over her child in "a stranger's house."

"I worry about u/My kid who rehomed herself/There in a stranger's house/That somehow feels like your very own," she writes. "Now again in the ER/Angry I know/That u feel pain/Like all of us."

"And I know about it/In spite of all your efforts/at radio silence/I hear."

Rosie also talks about a loved one's relationship with an older man.

"U r with a man/10 years ur senior/20 years my junior/From my home town," Rosie writes. "He offers his hand/Eyes down/He has been here before/Somehow familiar."

When ET reached out, Rosie's rep had no comment on the poem.

The comedian's relationship with her daughter's certainly got complicated earlier this year.

In August, Rosie said Chelsea was missing, only to be found with 26-year-old Steve Sheerer -- whom she met on Tinder -- in New Jersey. One month later, Chelsea successfully petitioned a New Jersey court to remove The Nicole Law provision against Steve -- a court provision barring her from seeing him -- which the judge agreed to.

Later that month, Chelsea chose to live with her biological mother, Deanna Micoley, who gave her up for adoption in 1997.

Judging by Chelsea's social media, she seems to have moved on with a man named Nicholas Alliegro, who hails from New York. Chelsea Instagrammed a selfie of the two cuddled up on Thursday, writing, "#feelingblessed #hissmile #everythinghedoesmakesmesmile #happiness? #lovelovelove #onedayatatime #todayuntilforever."

"#happiness? #lovelovelove #movingforward #goodvibes #purehonesty #feelingblessed," she also posted on Monday, alongside another shot of the two.

Rosie candidly talked about Chelsea at her show at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City in October, and claimed Chelsea has a "chemical imbalance."

"I know about mental illness -- I have my own," Rosie said, sharing that it started when she was 20, and that she was currently on antidepressants.

"Chelsea just turned 18. For adopted children, 18 is a magic number," she added. "At 18, they're gonna rebel any way they can, any way they can get your attention."

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Last month, Chelsea gave a lengthy exclusive statement to ET, and denied claims she was mentally ill.

"Do I have a mental illness? No, but I do have a disease I suffer from and it is called depression and another called anxiety, like so many millions of others out there," she said. " ... It amazes me how many are so quick to want to judge me, yet have never lived in my shoes. I don't need a mansion or a million dollars to make me content or happy. I am humble enough to work at Walmart if it were necessary."

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