Chris Harrison Reveals 'Bachelor' Star Ben Higgins Will Be 'Vulnerable' This Season

The host of the show teases new details on season 20!

Hoping for a sweet, vulnerable man to steal a lucky lady's heart (and perhaps yours?) on the upcoming season of The Bachelor? Looks like you're going to be in luck!

ET caught up with longtime host Chris Harrison at KIIS FM's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in Los Angeles on Friday, where he shared insight into what Bachelor nation can expect to see on Ben Higgins' upcoming season.

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"It's hard for me to be unbiased, because he's a friend. He's just a good man -- very sincere and humble -- but he's a little vulnerable, a little fragile," Harrison revealed.

Loyal fans of the show may remember that when Higgins appeared on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, the 27-year-old Colorado-based stud deemed himself "unlovable," and Higgins says they address that sentiment.

"We obviously deal with that and you'll see that kind of play out throughout the season," he explained. "When you set the bar so high with a guy like that, obviously there's something to fight for, and the women are fighting for him."

Like Bristowe's season, which was jam-packed with fights, Harrison said the quarrels this time around are "good" and "dramatic."

"It's not about who's bad or who's evil," he clarified. "This season it's just about [the fact that] he's a catch. [The girls] see this guy as a massive catch."

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Harrison also told ET that Higgins reminds him of another Bachelor: Sean Lowe!

"Just as far as the sincerity," he said, also noting the two are both "sweet" and "humble."

"You got a glimpse of Sean back on Emily [Maynard]'s season, but you really fell in love with him when you got to know him on The Bachelor," he continued. "Same thing with Ben. You got a taste of him on Kaitlyn's season, but once America really sees who he is, they're going to freak out. I think his season would most resemble Sean's."

This season also holds a unique twist, as twins will be fighting for Higgins' heart. "They've never been interested in the same guy, but they [saw Ben on the show] and said, 'You know what? We both like this guy. We're going to go in,'" Harrison explained. "While that seems like every guy's dream, if you think about it, it's really a nightmare. Ben trying to date two people in the same family? That's not OK!"

ET got Harrison to open up about the big question on every fan of the show's mind: What happens if the twins both make it to the hometowns episode?

"Maybe in a way they do," Harrison teased. "You'll see."

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Way to leave us all hanging, Harrison!

As we wait in anticipation for the season 20 premiere on Monday, Jan. 4., watch the video below to hear an update on Bristowe's wedding plans with fiancé Shawn Booth.