Blake Shelton Affectionately Bites Gwen Stefani's Shoulder in Adorable, PDA-Filled 'Voice' Selfie

While her style might have divided her fans, there was no doubt how about how much Gwen enjoyed watching her boyfriend Blake sing on 'The Voice.'

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton got up close and personal in a selfie the singer posted to Twitter on Monday.

While Shelton was playfully biting his girlfriend's shoulder, the moment lost some of its steamy romance with fellow Voice coaches Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine peering out behind them.

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The PDA-filled Voice selfie also managed to give fans a hint at what Stefani would end up wearing during the show -- and it was her outfit that ended up stealing the spotlight on Monday Night.

The former No Doubt frontwoman rocked a surprising and utterly unique look on The Voice, with a style that could only be referred to as ambitious.

The 46-year-old "Used to Love You" singer rocked a skin-baring ensemble and bold hairstyle that looked like it was inspired by various movies, pop culture moments and YouTube how-to videos -- and she still managed to look gorgeous!


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Stefani sported long, blonde French braid pigtails, as well as a long top-knot ponytail -- two styles you don't often see implemented simultaneously.

Stefani also wore an Egyptian-esque scarab-like charm around her neck along with a dark green Amazonian-style gown with a plunging neckline, and what appeared to be Native American-inspired accessories and accents.


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The seemed to draw equal amounts of love and confusion among fans on Twitter, who had a great time thinking of pop-culture icons to compare with Stefani's striking style.

But whether or not the look worked, there was no denying how in-love she looked while watching her boyfriend and fellow coach, Blake Shelton, perform on stage.

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After his song, a beaming Stefani was on her feet giving her man a standing ovation!

Last week, Shelton was the first to applaud her angelic performance of "Used to Love You." Check out the video below for a look at the heartwarming moment.