Hillary Scott Says Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Is 'Definitely Finding Her Voice'

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Like mother, like daughter!

With Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott hard at work on a new gospel album, the singer tells Entertainment Tonight that she's hoping to share some studio time with her 2-year-old daughter, Eisele Kay.

"She definitely is finding her voice, so I'm hoping that on the right day we'll be in and I'll be singing vocals and I can throw her in with me," Scott said at the CMT Artists of the Year celebration in Nashville. "That would be priceless to capture her sweet little voice on a song."

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The project, which Scott hopes to release within the next year, is already a family affair. The 29-year-old is recording alongside her parents and younger sister, while her husband of almost three years, Chris Tyrell, lends his talents on the drums.

"It's just a true passion project," Scott confessed. "[I'm] really following my heart and what I wanted to talk about and sing about."

Still, the process hasn't been without its challenges!

"I feel like I'm mediating my mom and my dad a lot, but it's great. It's fun," she said with a smile. "I think you have to pick your battles and I think you know each of your own and your family's, or your bandmates', strong suits -- where to kinda jump forward and also lean back. I think it's a lot of dynamics."

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But when it comes to daughter Eisele, it seems as though music isn't her only passion. Scott revealed that her child is already turning into quite the little (family-friendly) film buff.

"She is very into Inside Out right now. She loves Sadness, she wants to give her a hug to not make her sad anymore, to help her be happy," Scott giggled. "She's obsessed with Mary Poppins and Inside Out. Those are her go-tos."

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Earlier this year, Scott's faith was tested and strengthened after a terrifying tour bus fire while she was en route to the Academy of Country Music Awards in Dallas, Texas.

"Everything back there -- my toiletries, my iPad, a lot of things including a lot of our clothes that we were supposed to wear this weekend -- were ashes, disintegrated," she told ET at the time. "And for whatever reason -- I firmly believe that God is an amazing God -- the Bible was intact and not a page was missing. I can't really talk about it without crying."

See her emotional interview in the player below.

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