EXCLUSIVE: 3 Reasons Why Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Is Our First Crush of 2016

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Miley Cyrus loves him for being a "badass," but we have three more reasons why newly out Olympian Gus Kenworthy is ET's crush to watch in 2016.

NEWS: Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Comes Out as Gay

1. Shirtless selfies: The silver medal-winning Olympic skier is all bundled up on the slopes, but on Instagram he's been known to let it all hang out. "My publicist kills me every time I post anything without any clothes on, so I've kind of tried to steer away from it," Kenworthy told ET. "But I think it's just that I had so much layered on top of me just to hide my sexuality that it was kind of nice just to do something that felt more me."

2. Puppies: The 24-year-old athlete rescued four stray dogs at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. "The dogs are doing really well," Kenworthy said. "They've adjusted well, and they're very loved and cared for."

3. He's a role model: After coming out as gay in ESPN Magazine and on Twitter, the freestyle ski champion took to social media to promote tolerance. "The last few years I definitely struggled a lot more and felt like I needed to put it out there," Kenworthy said. "It feels so good to have the weight lifted off my shoulders."

After coming out in October, Kenworthy admitted that his sexuality had been something that he'd struggled with, but that he was ready to proudly be himself.

NEWS: Miley Cyrus Praises 'Bad Ass' Bestie Gus Kenworthy

"For most of my life, I've been afraid to embrace that truth about myself," Kenworthy wrote on Facebook. "Recently though, I've gotten to the point where the pain of holding onto the lie is greater than the fear of letting go, and I'm very proud to finally be letting my guard down."

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