Travis Barker on 9-Year-Old Daughter Alabama's Massive Instagram Following: 'Social Media Is Crazy'

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Travis Barker’s daughter is just 9 years old, but she might already be the next Kylie Jenner!

Alabama Luella Barker, the Blink-182 drummer’s daughter with Shanna Moakler, turns ten this month, but her Instagram follower count is already above 75,000.

“Since I had one, I kinda let them have one just as fun,” Travis told ET at Cirque Du Soleil’s Los Angeles premiere of Kurious at Dodgers Stadium on Wednesday. “Then it just became big. Social media is crazy.”

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While Alabama admitted that having so many social media followers is “cool,” it was big brother Landon -- no slouch either with over 70,000 followers -- who declared that her favorite kind of Instagram post is, of course, the selfie.

“Selfies, selfies, that’s all you,” Landon, 12, said with a smile.

“They compete with each other, ‘cause he has 70-something thousand, and she has a little bit more,” Travis said of his kids. “So they’re always competing.”

Not to worry, Landon’s got a plan to pull ahead of his sister. “I’m just going to post the right stuff,” he said. “Good pics.”

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Travis told ET that he’s careful to closely monitor his kid’s online activity, as the two aren’t even teenagers yet.

“I’m always with them, I watch what they post,” he said. “Make sure they don’t do anything weird, watch for creeps.”

As for potential “creeps,” the drummer had a very clear message.

“I go to the gun range,” he said with a laugh. “I go to the shooting range a lot.”

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