Tyler Oakley Reveals the One Thing He's 'Really Afraid' for Fans to Learn About Him in 'Snervous'

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Tyler Oakley is going from the computer screen to the big screen in his new documentary, Snervous.

“For the last eight years, I’ve really been in charge of what everyone gets to know about me,” Oakley tells ETonline. “This year’s been really about sharing what everyone hasn’t known ... it started with the book [Binge] … and now with the movie, it’s like a year in the life, showing the ups, and the downs, and the inbetweens of what it’s really like to be a YouTuber, and what it’s like to be me.”

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That includes some moments Oakley, 26, says he’s “really afraid” for his followers to see -- specifically, a few fan encounters highlighted in the film that maybe went too far, like fans waiting for Oakley outside of his home, or not taking “no” for an answer when a meet-and-greet ends.

In the movie, Oakley has to bite his tongue before saying anything negative about his sometimes overeager fans, but he says he’s OK with his viewers seeing those “less flattering moments,” because it’s honest.

“I think people really gravitate toward that,” he says.

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“I think my biggest fear for the movie is it being misinterpreted in some type of way,” Oakley confesses. “That’s a thing that I was kind of afraid to show because, with putting yourself out there, 24/7, everywhere, fully … that level of intimacy lends itself to a connection that maybe, on the other side of it, people might think that certain things are appropriate.”

“We have that connection, but that connection exists online,” Oakley continues. “It’s a hard thing to kind of translate, so showing me figuring out those boundaries is important for me … because it is a part of my life. But, I don’t want people to see that and think that I don’t care that those people care that much.”

Oakley’s fans also care a lot about his love life -- something he keeps pretty quiet. Check out this clip from our interview to find out how Oakley will reveal he’s in a relationship:

Snervous is directed by Amy Rice, the mind behind OWN’s Lindsay Lohan docuseries, and Oakley says he really had to learn to trust in her to tell his story.

“It was terrifying!” Oakley says with a laugh. “It was scariest for me, because it’s just trusting someone. And I was like, I can’t do this halfway. I have to go full-in, ‘cause I don’t want to do anything half-assed. It was like, I needed to just trust. And thankfully, she really got me.”

“I have to give him a lot of credit, because he really trusted me,” Rice told ETonline at the movie’s premiere. “He kinda just had to let go and roll with me, and I think we came, you know, the end product, I'm really proud of.”

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The documentary also captures Oakley’s non-YouTube friends and family, another part of his life he’s chosen to largely keep off the Internet.

“Showing those people, it was just exciting,” Oakley says. “I feel like a lot of people -- whether you’ve seen all of my videos or none of them -- I feel like the movie can be consumed and enjoyed. I think it has a lot to offer to superfans and to people who are curious about what a YouTuber even does.”

Snervous is in select theaters, and available for digital download now. Check out the full trailer below.