YouTube Star GloZell Green Gushes Over Pregnancy News, Can't Believe She's Going to Be a Mom

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YouTube star GloZell Green is expecting.

“Yes, I have a baby on the way!” the 43-year-old gushed to ETonline at the premiere of fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley’s documentary, Snervous, on Thursday night.

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Green and her husband of two years, Kevin Simon, will welcome a little baby next summer via a surrogate, Shawna Johnson. Green and Simon opted to go with a surrogate after the YouTuber was diagnosed with endometriosis. The couple has been trying to have a child since getting married, but doctors told Green she wouldn’t be able to have kids on her own.

“I mean, I thought I was healthy … well, my eggs were a little powdered,” Green joked.

“It will be more of a relief when baby is here,” Green said. “Little 'Zel-Zel, or whatever I'm gonna name it. But, it's very exciting. Crazy! I'm gonna be a momma … What is happening in the universe?!”

Green is documenting what she calls her “fertility journey” on a new web series, Glo All In, and says the fan reaction so far has been incredible.

“It's been a great response from women reaching out to me with the same problem,” Green shared. “Some people are older, and some people are younger, which was surprising, 'cause I just started trying. So, it's bringing a lot of people together, and having a lot of discussions about fertility. Freeze your eggs! Get it frozen early, OK?”

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Green says she’s not prepared for the baby just yet, but she has until August to get ready.

“I'm gonna need a whole lot of help!” Glozell admitted. “So, I'm gonna read some books or something. All I know is, if it's a girl, it's gonna have green lipstick. And I hear that babies gotta eat every day, all the time ... so I have to learn some more stuff. But I'm excited.”

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