Elle King Reveals She Hasn't 'Made Out With Enough Boys' to Write New Music

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If Elle King's hit, "Ex's and Oh's," tells us anything, it's that she has one thing on her mind: Boys.

That's by no means a knock, as the bubbly rocker was quick to tell ET that she hasn't kissed enough guys lately, which can only mean one thing: Trouble for them and, hopefully one day soon, new music for us.

ET caught up with King after her set at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas at The Forum in Inglewood, California, on Sunday, where she told us that she’s still focusing on the songs off her debut album, Love Stuff, which dropped in February.

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"I haven't made out with enough boys to even think about [new music]," she admitted. "I've written one song that I liked after my last breakup, so I need to date a couple more guys before I start getting into album two."

There's no need to move onto new music just yet anyway, as the 26-year-old singer needs time to revel in the two GRAMMY nominations she just received for that debut effort: Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song, both for "Ex's and Oh's."

Finding out you've been nominated for a GRAMMY is a moment no artist can forget, as King can attest to. She remembers the exact moment in Room 608 at the Hilton in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, down to the last detail.

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"There was a very intense four minutes where Alicia Keys didn't read my name -- the four first announcements, and I was crushed," King admitted. "Then I was like, wait, there are so many other awards! I looked and saw I was nominated for two. Then just lots of screaming."

There was also, naturally, some champagne for the "amazing" and "great" moment.

"I struggled with the bottle, and then I stared at a wall for like four hours," King told ET. "It still hasn’t really sank in all the way, so I have no idea what’s going on."

"It's the coolest thing ever," she adds of the nominations.

The question is, does she have a speech ready for the awards show in February?

"You mean the acceptable speech that I've had in my bra since I was three? Yeah, I've worn a bra since I was three,” she joked. "But doesn't everyone secretly have an acceptable speech that they practice in the mirror? I've had my dream GRAMMY speech. It's a very long scroll."

As if those noms weren't enough of a present, there's one big (and possibly even more important!) gift King is looking forward to this Christmas: "Sleep!" King said, wide-eyed and laughing.

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