Khloe Kardashian Unveils Her New Show All About Getting Her Hot Revenge Body

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Khloe Kardashian is turning her stunning weight loss this year into a brand new reality show.

Titled Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Khloe's latest project will follow the makeovers of scorned exes looking for the ultimate transformation, inside and out, E! announced on Wednesday. Each of the six one-hour episodes will focus on two heartbroken individuals who will get the opportunity to recreate themselves with the help of a team of Hollywood's most elite trainers, stylists, and glam squads assembled by the 31-year-old reality star.

"Looking great is always the best revenge," Khloe says in a statement. "It's so exciting to be able to mentor these people through their full-body makeovers and I can't wait to see the incredible results at their final reveals!"

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Obviously, Khloe knows a thing or two about transforming her body after a big breakup. In August, she admitted her split from her ex, 36-year-old Lamar Odom, was a catalyst for her weight loss. "It started around 2012," she told Women's Health. "I was having a hard time with [Lamar]. It was toward the end of our union, and there was so much drama. I needed a release. At first it was so hard. It was baby steps, but I started feeling so much better."

"If you keep going, you're eventually like, 'Wow, is that an indentation on my arm?'" she added about routinely working out. "Yeah, it's a revenge body. But it's just as much for all my critics who called me 'the fat one' for my entire existence."

Clearly, her healthy form of stress relief has paid off in more ways than one. In July, she revealed she's lost 35 pounds.

"I don't really weigh myself, but over time, and I'm not crazy about it," she stressed to Australian radio show NOVA FM. "It's like, I know how I want to feel in clothes and it does become addicting once you start losing weight and seeing results. You're like, 'I wanna see more.'"

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In May, ET caught up with Khloe's personal trainer, celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson, when he shared what it takes to get similarly amazing results.

"Khloe's the animal -- full on animal in the gym," he also dished. "No complaining, no bitching, no kvetching. Just gets after it."

"This is Khloe's moment," he added. "You can see it. The changes she's made are incredible. She's done it the right way. Nothing fast -- hard work. It's steady, hard work and it's very relatable and her body is banging right now."

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