Watch Macaulay Culkin Reprise His 'Home Alone' Role in the Saddest Possible Way

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It was all downhill for Kevin McCallister...

Macaulay Culkin guest starred on the first episode of :DRYVRS, a web series by Jack Dishel, where the 35-year revisited his most iconic role -- the clever child at the center of Home Alone. Somehow, amid all the nostalgia, we never stopped to ponder how dark the movie really is, which is why it's so jarring to find a jittery adult Kevin, still plagued with abandonment issues and haunted by that fateful Christmas when his family literally left him behind to deal with two deranged burglars.

Fair warning, the video is NSFW, contains explicit profanity, and allusions to violence that is much more disturbing when carried out by an adult than when it was perpetrated by an adorable 8-year-old.

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Well, there goes our favorite Christmas movie.

Despite its apparently twisted implications, Home Alone is still bringing joy into hearts 25 years after it was released. In October, director Chris Columbus recalled shooting the film's most iconic scene.

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"The script called for [Macaulay Culkin] to put shaving lotion on and suddenly it burns his skin and he screams," Columbus told ET. "We didn't know it was going to be the universal image for Home Alone."

Now can we talk about how long Macaulay's hair is getting? Watch the actor get spotted out with his lengthy locks in NYC with Seth Green and Bob Saget below.