Aaron Carter Ditches His Pants in Celebratory Pic After Emotional Twitter Rant

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Oh, what a difference a few days can make.

Two days after going off on an emotional, "heartbroken" Twitter rant, Aaron Carter seems to be feeling better. So much better, in fact, that he shared a celebratory photo of his naked bum on Twitter.

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Carter appears to be standing on a porch in Malibu, California, gazing out at the mountains with his arms outstretched -- completely nude from the waist down.

The photo's caption is a response to Twitter user @depulsive, who joked that Carter's current net worth is around $400.

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"Definitely worth the 400 in Malibu," the 28-year-old retorted. "Why must i prove myself to you guys calm just support the movement or gtfo SIMPLE."

Carter denied having a "mental breakdown" on the social media site over the weekend after he posted a lengthy, "emotional" message that appeared to be in response to a breakup.

"There's no f**king metal breakdown I'm emotional and express myself F**K OFF I do what I want and say what I feel," he wrote at one point.

As of Tuesday, Carter was tweeting up a storm about his next musical project and re-tweeting fans who showed their support.

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Are you excited for Carter's new music? And can you believe it's been more than 15 years since he broke out onto the pop music scene with Aaron's Party?

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