John Boyega and His Buddy BB-8 Continue to Be Delightful on 'Star Wars' Press Tour


Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega has been an absolute delight during the press tour for the latest installment in the sci-fi space saga. From adorably palling around with co-star Daisy “Peanut” Ridley, to dueling David Beckham with lightsabers, the 23-year-old British actor has charmed audiences around the globe, most before they even see his impressive performance as Stormtrooper Finn.

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But a grueling worldwide promotional tour would be hard on anyone, which is how Boyega found himself on a rooftop in Shanghai on Tuesday, talking down one of the film’s other adorable stars, new droid BB-8.

“BB don’t do it man,” he joked as the spherical robot rolled closer to the edge. “I love you man, come back to me.”

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It’s just the latest in a series of heartwarming and hilarious stunts from Boyega, who’s been popping up at screenings to surprise and delight Star Wars fans as the film continues its worldwide box office dominance.

Boyega even started his own hashtag after rendering a British fan to near speechlessness. The girl, whom the actor interrupted as she watched the trailer before the film, could only exclaim that “Star Wars Dude” was standing right in front of her.

His character might not be a Jedi (yet?), but Boyega certainly knows how to use The Force for good.

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