EXCLUSIVE: Ben Higgins Reacted to Four Common 'Bachelor' Contestant Archetypes and Pretty Much Crushed It

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Ben Higgins is ready for anything, you guys.

While catching up with season 20's very own beau, we wanted to make sure the 26-year-old was prepared to face the whole range of personalities he'll encounter when he meets those hopefuls, which is why ET's Lauren Zima put Ben to the test.

Here are four of the most intense classic Bachelor contestant archetypes we could possibly think of.

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1. The One With the Weird Job

Ben intelligently asked his hypothetical bird-walking new acquaintance for a little clarification, asking, "Tell me how you walk birds."

"I think obesity is such a big problem today, and birds can fly, but who is walking them?" asked our not-real bird person. "What if their legs get so fat that they can't even fly away? So that's why it's important to me."

"Well, I'd love to hear more about it," Ben responded, totally polite and concise.

2. The One Who Brings the Weird Gift

For the next scenario, we have the girl who brings something very weird along for the first meeting. We picked a sign.

"A sign that you and I should be together," said sign person. "And it's black because if you don't pick me, it's the color that my soul turns."

"Well, can we also write something a little lighter on the sign?" he responded.

What a positive spin!

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3. The One Who Tells Too Much Too Soon

Beyonce told us that if he likes it, well, he should have put a ring on it, but this lady gets right down to things WAY too quickly.

"I called your mom," she hypothetically would have said. "And I just feel like you're ready to be a dad, so what are you thinking? Five kids or 25?"

Ben's response?

"I think you've obviously committed to coming here, so how about I talk to you inside and I learn more about myself through you?"

OK, has Ben been practicing? He's way too good at this.

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4. The One Who Gets Too Drunk Too Soon

Heeere we go. All the charm in the world wouldn't not be able to deal with the person who "threw up three times."

"You know what?" said Ben. "There's a nice couch inside. How about we take a nap."

Oh, the people you meet in Bachelor land.

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Watch Ben meet the real ladies on Monday, as a new season of the Bachelor kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

And if you feel like you don't know enough about Ben yet, we've got the perfect way for you to get better acquainted! Watch the video below.