Helen Strickland Reveals Her Last Heartbreaking Moments With Her Husband Craig: 'I Wouldn't Change Anything'

The country singer's widow says she 'wouldn't change' their last goodbye.

Helen is sharing her last moments with her husband, the late country singer Craig Strickland.

The former Miss Arkansas USA opened up to CNN about her final moments with Craig before he and friend Chase R. Morland went off on a doomed hunting trip, saying that she "wouldn't change anything" about their final moments together.

"I mean, those moments -- I can't look back for a single second and say that I would take back anything, or that I wish that something had been better," Helen said. "I mean, we laid on the couch and I rubbed his chest and we talked, and we talked about Harry Potter because I love Harry Potter, and you know -- we joked."

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She went on to recall some of their inside jokes. 

"We have a black cat named Salem," Helen said. "We sang songs and made up lyrics about Salem, singing it to 'Santa Baby' but singing 'Salem Baby' instead -- and God really gave us an opportunity to be happier than we've ever been."

But it is the moment right before Craig left might be the most moving.

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"He walked out the door and he looked at me and said, 'I love you,'" Helen recalled. "He blew me a kiss, and said 'I'll talk to you soon,' and he walked out."

"I would never, I wouldn't change anything about that, and I think the family would say the same thing," Helen explained. "That entire time that we were with family, it was like he knew exactly what each family member needed to make them feel OK about his passing, and every person felt loved and they wouldn't change a thing."

On Wednesday, Helen shared a love letter that Craig had written to her on the day of their wedding, writing, "Today I found this precious treasure Craig wrote for me to read on the day of our wedding. The Lord is good always...I know this because in the the most heart aching moments, when it seems too difficult to bare, God knows just how to make me smile."

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At the bottom of the letter, Craig jokes that he almost mistakenly signed "Greg," which Helen fondly recalls, writing, "'I almost wrote Greg?' - Lol, oh #craigstrickland, how I love you."

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Helen posted an open invitation to Craig's fans and loved ones alike to attend the singer's memorial service on Jan. 12.

"To all reading this message, you are invited to join our family at Craig's memorial service either at CrossChurch or via webcast," she wrote. "I love you all, thank you for loving my husband."

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On Jan. 4, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Marine Enforcement Division recovered Craig’s body in an area referred to as Bear Creek Cove. The 29-year-old singer and his friend, 22, were first reported missing following a duck hunting trip. Chase’s body was found on Dec. 28.

As of Wednesday, Craig's official cause of death had yet to be determined.

Watch Helen and Craig's sweet wedding day video below.