Charlie Sheen Looks to Dr. Oz for Emotional Support in HIV Battle: 'This Disease Chose the Wrong Person'

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After announcing he's HIV positive, Charlie Sheen is piecing his life back together with help from Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Dr. Oz has become a shoulder to lean on for the former Two and a Half Men star in a mentoring relationship that we first got wind of when the surgeon was spotted outside the actor's New York hotel right after Sheen's Today show revelation.

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"Like all of us, Charlie is looking for answers in his own life and making peace with what he's going through," Dr. Oz told ET. "That's a difficult voyage."

While the surgeon and television personality is not treating Sheen, he is helping him emotionally.

"This disease chose the wrong person," Sheen says in a clip from his episode of The Dr. Oz Show, airing next week.

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Dr. Oz explained to ET that Sheen's health will be an ongoing battle.

"There were some things he needed to keep focusing on -- the alcohol being a good example," Dr. Oz said. "But the treatment for HIV is so effective now that you have a normal life expectancy. You can live a pretty normal life because of that."

Sheen seems to have heeded warnings from his doctors, as he has reportedly given up alcohol and taken up yoga.

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"He made mistakes," Dr. Oz said. "He has a unique ability to bounce back from just about anything."