Watch David Bowie Reveal the 'Corny' Way He Nervously Asked Iman Out

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Every journey starts with a first step, and one of the most storied romances of all time started with a date over afternoon tea.

The late David Bowie and his wife of nearly 24 years, Iman, were set up by their hairdresser and later met up for a classically British day. Iman would later reveal that Bowie didn’t even drink tea and only suggested it because he was so nervous.

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While the couple were fiercely guarded about the details of their love life, on rare occasions, the couple opened up to ET about the special world they built together. In 1993, Bowie told ET that Iman changed him.

"I'd been used to working when I wanted -- anytime, night or day -- and I had to change all that for us, because I'm a real workaholic," Bowie told ET at the time.

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In 1996, Iman revealed to ET that timing also played a part in their relationship.

"We have a lot in common," Iman said at the time. "We have a sense of humor and he's English, so of course he has a very witty sense of humor, and basically we found each other at the right time of our lives."

The couple made their first public appearance at the "7th on Sale" event to benefit AIDS research in 1990. Bowie later proposed to his love on the river Seine in Paris, France.

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Despite their legendary careers, both Bowie and Iman always put their family first. They raised one child together, 15-year-old daughter Alexandria, who joined 44-year-old brother Duncan (Bowie's son from a previous marriage) and 37-year-old sister Zulekha (Iman's daughter from a previous marriage).

"First for me is our marriage and second is career," Bowie said. "If there was a choice between one or the other there's no question."