'Walking Dead' Star Lauren Cohan Says Fans Should Be 'Concerned' for Her Character

The star teases the fate of Maggie.

Lauren Cohan warns that viewers shouldn’t feel too confident that her character on The Walking Dead is safe.

In fact, the actress tells ET that fans should be worried about Maggie. “We should definitely be as concerned as we always are about the safety of our characters,” Cohan explains. And as far as her relationship with Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun, they definitely have some ups and downs coming.

“We've got some roller coasters ahead of us but fans will be, I think, pretty gripped with the drama that's to come,” she says.

Cohan, who obviously knows a thing or two about horror, is conjuring up some scares in the upcoming film, The Boy. The 34-year-old plays an American nanny who is shocked to find out her new British family’s son is actually a porcelain doll -- or is he?

“You arrive and she sort of has no choice but to commit to the job that she's applied for and deal with punches as they come,” she explains of the film, which she originally thought was a rom-com. “It's a very disturbing and unnerving situation because every time you think you know what's up, you're wrong.”

“It's a very different horror in that sense, which is why I was excited to do it.”

The Boy hit theaters on Friday, Jan. 22.