Adam Driver Parodies Kylo Ren in 'Saturday Night Live' Hosting Debut As Liev Schreiber Makes a Nearly Nude Cam


Adam Driver's jokes were in full Force over the weekend.

The Star Wars: Force Awakens actor hosted Saturday Night Live, kicking off the sketch comedy show's first episode of 2016, and in one of his many comical skits from the night, he pulled out all the stops as baddie Kylo Ren from the space epic.

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Driver hilariously spoofed the character he played in the film, who is usually covered up in a black cloak and mask.

In the skit, titled Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base, Kylo goes undercover as a blonde radar technician named Matt. To find out what really happens behind-the-scenes when he's not around, "Matt" takes advantage of his disguise to ask employees and a team of Stormtroopers what they think of Kylo Ren, with questions like, "Do you guys believe when he says that he's gonna finish what Darth Vader started?"

"I think he gets a bad rep," Lt. Colonel Zack says. "He's trying to do something that's never been done in the history of the galaxy."

Things get heated when "Matt" asks, "Have you seen Kylo Ren's lightsaber?"

"Yeah, man, that things weird looking," a worker replies.

"No it's not, it's awesome!" he furiously responds, taking out his anger on the lightsaber itself.

After checking out some of the equipment, Matt admits he has "a new found respect for what my employees do. It's not as easy as I presumed."

Watch the full video below.

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There were a number of hilarious sketches from Driver, who was well-received in his first hosting gig. Here are three must-see moments from the strong episode:

Crazy Cat Videos Get a Dark Twist

Driver plays Finn Raynal-Beads, the 18-year-old host of a show called America's Funniest Cats. He keeps the tone of his show light-hearted, but things get weird when he's joined by two hosts from the show's French spin-off, whose narration is much darker and death-oriented.

Schreiber Strips Down for Golden Globes Spoof

In this skit, the Girls actor plays a TV writer who decides to party hard at an afterparty with his wife following their win at the Golden Globes. In their acceptance speech on stage, they tell their kids, "if you're watching this, go to bed!" While the kids are snoozing, Driver and his wife down shots and snort cocaine alongside A-listers. "I just stood next to Liev Schreiber in the urinal," Driver says. "Saw his whole d**k. It's huge!" Lucky us, Schreiber makes a nearly nude cameo at the end of the skit!

Aladdin Takes Jasmine on a Disastrous Magic Carpet Ride

Driver dresses up as Aladdin to take Jasmine for a ride on his magic carpet, and tries to do everything he can to make the date enjoyable despite the annoying and gross distractions, like a bird, bomb and airplane bathroom waste.

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