Lena Dunham Strips Down for Hilariously Unsexy Photoshoot in New 'Girls' Preview


The more things change, the more they stay the same -- at least, on Girls.

"I've worked very, very hard to overcome the challenges of my non-traditional body type," Hannah (Lena Dunham) bemoans yet again in a new trailer for the series' fifth season. Then she strips down to partake in a sexy photoshoot with…Ray and Elijah?!

This season, premiering Feb. 21 on HBO, is going to be bonkers:

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As for the other girls, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is as judgmental as ever, scolding Hannah with, "You're gonna wake up one day and realize you've wasted your entire life." Only now, Hannah has comebacks. "You're too late! That already happened," she replies.

Meanwhile, Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) seems manic as ever in Japan...and she's maybe into S&M now?! And Marnie (Allison Williams), who we know is going to be a nightmare bride, is doling out relationship advice. Truly worth an LOL.

We recently learned that this will be the second-to-last season of Girls.

"I conceived of Girls when I was 23 and now I'm nearly 30 -- the show has quite perfectly spanned my 20s, the period of time that it's about -- and so it feels like the right time to wrap our story up," Dunham said. "We look forward to creating a sixth season that will honor our amazing cast, crew and fans. And in the Girls universe, nothing ever ends too neatly."

Now, find out what Jake Lacy, who plays Fran, told ET about his character's "complicated" relationship with Hannah and why he'll be getting naked: