EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Handler Hopes the Kardashians Get Over Her Jokes About Them... Or Not

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Chelsea Handler seems to have rubbed some of the Kardashians the wrong way, but she thinks the family should grow a thicker skin.

"I see those girls all the time, so they either have to get over it or not," Handler told ET.

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The comedian is known for her caustic tongue and frequently uses the Kardashians as the butt of her jokes, but she complained that if the ladies take offense to her words, it can make social situations awkward.

"I ran into Kim at a friend's house, and sometimes I run into her and I'm like, 'Oh no! Here she is.' Then I have to be like, 'Hey, Kim!' after all the stuff I've said," Handler explained. "But you know what? I just have to stand up and take it, and go, 'Listen, I know that I said stuff.'"

Despite the rocky ground she stands on with Kim, Handler is actually friendly with Khloe. In fact, Khloe appears on Handler's upcoming Netflix series, Chelsea Does.

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"Khloe has a great sense of humor," Handler gushed. "I'm doing Khloe's show too. Khloe's my friend. She's cool, you know? She knows. She's cool enough to get it."

Chelsea Does, a four-part documentary series, launches on Jan. 23, and takes a look at much of her private life, but Handler clarified one misconception about her love life before the series premiere.

"Orlando [Bloom] and I are friends. We have never, ever once hooked up, ever," Handler said, responding to rumors that the two might have dated. "And believe me, he's hooked up with a lot of people," she joked.

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