EXCLUSIVE: A.J. McLean Has Mixed Feelings About His 3-Year-Old Daughter Loving His Music

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The Backstreet Boys are hard at work on their next album, and A.J. McLean teased what fans can expect from their new music at the Fifty Shades of Black premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

"We're actually going back to old Backstreet -- more of that pop R&B, a little bit more grown up, a little bit more sexy," McLean told ET. "So for all the ladies out there, we're all grown men."

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Not only are they all grown, but many of them are fathers. McLean admitted that he was happy to have a date night with wife Rochelle on Tuesday, while their 3-year-old daughter, Ava Jaymes, was tucked away in bed at home.

"[Date nights] keep that marriage going strong," McLean said. "We have the best marriage anyways. We have the best baby girl too."

According to McLean, his baby girl is already showing strong musical talent.

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"She's definitely not shy," McLean shared. "She loves to sing. She loves to dance. She loves all of my music. I mean, whether it's Backstreet or solo, which has been great except one of her favorite songs is actually called 'Sex,' which is a little weird. She doesn't really know that it's about that, thank God, but it's a little awkward for me."

McLean admitted that he's had his fair share of awkward moments in the bedroom. The singer, sometimes labeled the "bad boy" of the group, revealed that he's actually pretty dorky and can come off "really gooberish" when trying to turn up the romance.

"For my wife and I's honeymoon I tried to do really nice, sexy bedding and really nice rose petals," McLean said. "The rose petals got lodged places and it stained our sheets. We had to pay extra for the sheets, so it all backfired on me."

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The pop star still excels on the stage, and he explained that he will be on Lip Sync Battle, helping Gigi Hadid next month, but with a catch -- Hadid has to be in the BSB's first music video for their next album.

"You scratch my back, I scratch yours," he said.

Reporting by Denny Directo