EXCLUSIVE: Megyn Kelly Tells Touching Story About Donald Trump That Speaks 'Beautifully' of Him

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Megyn Kelly has certainly had her differences with Donald Trump, but she shared a moving story with ET that actually speaks highly of the presidential candidate.

Earlier this week, Trump decided he was going to skip Thursday night's GOP debate because Kelly is moderating the event. However, the Fox News reporter is not holding any grudges, as she knows a softer side of Trump.

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"I know somebody who knows Trump very well, and he was on a private plane with Trump years ago," Kelly told ET. "He tells the story about how an 11-year-old Ivanka came over and needed Trump's attention. Trump was in the middle of this meeting with these other powerful executives, and the other executives expected him to blow off the daughter, Ivanka, but he didn't. He blew them off. He stopped, and she said she needed help with her homework, and he walked to a different part of the plane with her, and sat down with her, and they attended to her needs. I think that story speaks beautifully of him, and the woman she is today speaks beautifully of him."

When asked about her current feud with the billionaire businessman, Kelly literally waved it off, saying, "He'll get over it."

"He will be fine. I will be fine and America will be just fine too," Kelly assured.

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Kelly also had positive words for her former colleague, Sarah Palin, who endorsed Trump during a televised event in Ames, Iowa last week.

"It was riveting television," Kelly said. "Who could take their eyes off of it, right? She knows how to make a splash. She is a television phenom, as is he, so to watch the two of them next to each other -- the dynamic was just riveting."

Reporting by Jennifer Peros