Jerry Springer Wants Kanye West, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa to Hash It Out on His Show

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This is either the worst idea ever or the best idea ever.

Though the dust has barely settled from Kanye West's since-deleted tweetstorm against Wiz Khalifa that Amber Rosedecisively clapped back to with the tweet seen 'round the world, Jerry Springer wants to bring all three parties onto his talk show to work through their issues. (Side note: Jerry either doesn't know the full extent of the trio's history, or he's a brave, brave guy.)

"Hey @kanyewest, @wizkhalifa and @DaRealAmberRose, don't fight! I think you should settle this on my show," the 71-year-old talk show host tweeted on Thursday.

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We're not sure this is such a good idea, but... we can't say we wouldn't watch!

Neither of the three have responded to Springer's request, and honestly we're not holding our breath. Wiz barely addressed the feud, and Kanye for his part, deleted his tweets and replaced them with more positive ones. (Plus, he probably doesn't want to invite another round of whatever other dirt Amber might have on him.... sorry 'Ye.)

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Amber, meanwhile, explained her NSFW Kanye diss as a matter of him bringing up her child.

"Listen, don't talk about my kid. That's all I got to say," she explained on the Allegedly With Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast. "I wouldn't have said anything if it was just between him and Wiz. That's two grown men hashing it out. I would've kept it cute and just minded my business. You don't bring in my baby. That's so corny."

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Watch the video below for more of Amber's response.