Lil' Kim Slams Photoshopped Pic That Added Pounds to Her Body: 'The Hate Is So Real'

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Lil' Kim took to Twitter on Thursday to slam Photoshopped pictures of her body.

The rapper posted a pic that someone had digitally altered that added several pounds to her figure, alongside the original photo.

"Really?" the 41-year-old rapper wrote above the pic, which had the word "Fake" written across the Photoshopped image. "The hate is so real."

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"You bloggers should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this foolishness knowing that this is SO fake just like all of you haters," she continued in a series of tweets.

While Kim admits she doesn't know who exactly is responsible for spreading the altered image, she said she does have "a good idea where this is coming from."

"What's in the dark always comes into the light," Kim wrote ominously. "Carry on."

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Finally, Kim posted her own photo of her curves in a photo from one of her concerts, writing, "Since you guys love my behind sooo much, here it is kiss it!!! #staytuned."

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