Ryan Reynolds Somehow Didn't Always Think He Was Hot and We're Here to Tell Him He's Wrong

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Either Ryan Reynolds has grown into his good looks and charm or the women he grew up with were raised in sensory deprivation tanks, because the Deadpool star claims he wasn’t always successful in his romantic endeavors.

"I went through puberty at, like, 27," the now 39-year-old actor joked on Friday during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. "It was a freak thing. It was not good."

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OK, we can admit that Reynolds made some questionable hair choices during his Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place days, but that was during the late '90s -- who didn’t have questionable hair then?

Reynolds admitted that before marrying Hollywood beauty Blake Lively (and ex-wife Scarlett Johansson before that), his childhood crush, Fiona, was unimpressed with him.

"She used to take the bus the opposite way of my actual home," he recalled. "I would get on the bus just to sit next to her for 45 minutes the wrong way. I love it -- when you're young it's so cute. When you’re older, it's just stalking."

Despite giving Fiona his best "Don Johnson Miami Vice" look, Reynolds failed to win her heart.

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Luckily, things improved for the handsome Canadian. In fact, he and Lively welcomed their first child, a daughter named James, in Dec. 2014.

For a slightly more suave version of Reynolds, watch him squeeze into red spandex in the Deadpool video below.